When to Consider a Testing Evaluation spinsight

When to Consider a Testing Evaluation


One of the most common questions that we get at The Life Change Group is “when should I consider an evaluation?” or “how do I need to know that someone in my family needs testing?”  Sometimes parents or teachers suggest psychological testing, educational testing, or intelligence testing because they see something in their student that just feels different or just doesn’t make sense. Other times, you may get a recommendation or suggestion from another physician or therapist.

In the cases of educational testing, perhaps your student is working above/below expectations and you want to find out why. Maybe something is affecting your child and he or she needs to identify the cause of that influence. Your student may also be frustrated and causing other disruptive behaviors. These are the types of inputs that we need to collect so that we can, in turn, provide the most accurate evaluation.

Whatever the situation, it’s always worth an initial visit, and the testing team can help to identify the best course of action. If some form of testing is determined to be a recommended course of action, then our staff will work to schedule a more detailed consult and then recommend a specific testing protocol to help make an accurate assessment.

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For more details or to schedule a test, please contact Dr. Pam Wright directly at pam@thelifechangegroup.com or 770-486-4887.

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