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What Happens During Educational Testing?

In the previous article, we gave a broad overview of how testing at The Life Change Group works, what testing is, and explained what you should generally expect. If you need a quick refresher on how psychological testing works, click here. In this article we delve into what happens during educational testing.

We administer our tests in a relaxed environment. For educational testing, our dedicated testing room has a table and two chairs – one for the administrator and one for your student; it looks and feels like a comfortable version of a normal classroom. There’s nothing that you or your child need to study or prepare for the night before, so don’t worry. The testing itself is simply a series of questions, puzzles, drawings, games, and stories. Most of our students and adults report that testing is actually “fun.”

You should encourage your child to do his/her best, and please remind them that there is not a pass/fail challenge, so again, no need to worry. Testing is simply an organized process to help us gather the necessary information to evaluate your child’s particular situation. While we follow a defined protocol to administer each test, the actual experience will be unique for each child.

This is one of the main reasons that The Life Change Group is one of the premier educational and psychological testing facilities in South Atlanta. Dr. Wright has been testing students for nearly 10 years and is an expert administrator, so you can rest assured that she will make every effort to provide a thorough and accurate evaluation while making your student feel as comfortable and secure as possible.

Most testing days begin in the morning and it usually takes approximately 1-4 hours depending on the type of assessment. We will have breaks as needed to ensure that your child doesn’t get tired or distracted. Generally, we try to test in the morning and complete testing by noon or 1:00pm.

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