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The Life Change Group provides a wide array of services, including therapy, counseling and testing. This includes family, couples and individual counseling, as well as all of the most commonly used tests for children through adults – ADHD, bariatric, psycho-educational and many more. Read more about some of our most popular services, below.

Family Therapy

Regardless of where a family lives – in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Senoia or anywhere else the in the world – families are imperfect and to some degree dysfunctional. Some families handle the stresses of life such as money, jobs, school, faith, and even the economy better than others. Others have more difficulties and need an objective and professional therapist to help bring issues to light, work through differences and establish common ground. Dr. Wright has more than 15 years of family therapy experience and has helped countless families to re-establish effective, open and honest communication. Because a lack of communication is almost always at the root of family discourse. And it’s the quickest way to bring families back together.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is one of Dr. Wright’s fastest growing services. This makes sense with the boom in online dating, Facebook and texting troubles. And then, once you reach the marriage stage, according to a recent CDC report, half of those first marriages end in divorce. At the beginning of just about every marriage, there is hope, love and commitment. Two people, the perfect couple, join together for richer or poorer, with all of the promise in the world. Then life happens. Some couples are the just the right match and the marriage fluorishes. Others turn to their family, friends or faith and can work through the tough times together. Others have more difficulties at rekindling that initial euphoria, and some decide to go their separate ways. Whatever your circumstance, Dr. Wright can help to honestly and objectively assess your marriage situation and counsel you and your spouse to arrive at the healthiest decision for everyone involved.

Dr. Wright’s marriage counseling philosophy is largely based upon the IMAGO method which shows couples how to reconnect by using a new way of talking together, called the Imago dialogue. It’s a way of listening and speaking which helps couples learn more about each other. “In my more than 15 years of counseling in Peachtree City and across Atlanta, the #1 factor in healing an ailing marriage is to improve communication between the partners. If you can’t talk AND listen, the marriage is doomed. With IMAGO methods, we can work together to find common ground, overcome disputes and set the healthiest course for each couple and their families.”

Individual Therapy

People often seek out the help and guidance of a licensed psycholgist because they or their caretakers realize the need for change. As such, the common misperception of therapy is a painful process of denying desires and overwriting bad behaviors. In reality, while this can be the case, it doesn’t alway have to be this way. Dr. Wright believes that the best therapy comes from within each person and should be filled with positive feedback, open and honest communication and joy in each successful step along the way.


Dr. Pamela Wright, a Georgia-licensed psychologist, has more than 10 years experience leading and supervising the testing practice at The Life Change Group. We specialize in a wide variety of psycho-educational, educational, bariatric, ADHD, behavioral, psychological, and intelligence testing. Our team administers and evaluates clients from age six through adult on the most widely recommended tests. If you are seeking testing to apply for accommodations or to assess a potential learning disability, the testing team at The Life Change Group are the specialists to meet your psychological testing and educational testing needs.

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At the Life Change Group we strive to help you create balance, growth and fulfillment. Our team of therapists, counselors and licensed psychologists offer a wide range of psychological testing and individual, couples and family counseling.

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