Family Therapy

Communication is almost always at the root of family discourse, and every family is different Dr. Wright has more than 15 years of family therapy experience and has helped countless families to re-establish effective, open and honest communication. 

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Couples Therapy

At the beginning of just about every marriage, there is hope, love and commitment. Two people, the perfect couple, join together for richer or poorer, with all of the promise in the world. Then life happens. The Life Change Group has several counselors with extensive couples therapy experience.

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Individual Therapy

People often seek out the help and guidance from a licensed psychologist because they or their caretakers realize the need for change. Dr. Wright believes that the best therapy comes from within each person and should be filled with positive feedback, open and honest communication and joy in each successful step along the way.

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Dr. Pamela Wright, a Georgia-licensed psychologist, has more than 10 years experience leading and supervising the testing practice at The Life Change Group. We specialize in a wide variety of psycho-educational, educational, bariatric, ADHD, behavioral, psychological, and intelligence testing.

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Stress & Anxiety

Stress is everywhere, and perhaps even more visible, personal and recognizable now in our post-COVID world

Disordered Eating

Disordered eating is a serious condition because it has both short-term and long-term affects on your body. Learn more about our approach.


ADHD is the world’s most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children, but it can continue even into adulthood. We offer comprehensive testing and evaluations.


individuals in the LGBTQ+ community are 300% more likely to experience a mental health condition such as depression. Click to learn more about this specialty.


The reason only 30% of those who suffer from depression actually receive treatment, is that the symptoms vary so greatly. Learn how we explore this pervasive disorder.

Trauma and EMDR

Most people associate PTSD with trauma or perhaps the after affects of a sexual assault or deeply troubling accident. We understand trauma can take many forms.


The Life Change Group is an ADA compliant office and we are strong advocates of this vital component of our local community. Learn more about how we service this speciality.


Addictive behaviors can include substance abuse, gambling, sex, Internet porn, food, compulsive shopping and even cosmetic surgery.

Testing & Assessments

Dr. Pamela Wright is trained to provide a wide range of APA-approved tests, including the TOVA, WAIS, BASC, MMPI, IQ and many more. Click to see how testing could be the right option.