About Couples Therapy

Based on a ground-breaking study from a team of UCLA psychologists who compiled 40 years of research on couples therapy, we have distilled five things that must happen to have successful couples therapy: (1) change the way that spouses see the relationship, (2) modify destructive individual behaviors, (3) learn to trust each other and respect their fears, (4) seek to hear and then to be heard, and (5) promote a positive narrative. We understand…easier said than done.

At the end of the day, the key to couples therapy is discovering how reignite the desire to share life together. According to WebMD, studies show that, in the hands of a good counselor, couples counseling is successful 70- 80% of the time. At The Life Change Group, our licensed, expert counselors strive to provide an honest and safe environment to work through issues and find the best next steps for you and your spouse.

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At the Life Change Group we strive to help you create balance, growth and fulfillment. Our team of therapists, counselors and licensed psychologists offer a wide range of psychological testing and individual, couples and family counseling.

Our specialty areas include: depression, anxiety, couples and family therapy, disordered eating, substance abuse, educational testing, learning disabilities, ADHD, play therapy, rehabilitation counseling, and other mental disorders. We serve individuals aged 6 and up and strive to meet your needs or to send you in the right direction.

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