Life After Diagnosis of Breast Cancer spinsight

Group Details

What: Life After Diagnosis Coping Group for Breast Cancer Patients

Group Guide: Dr. Danyella Greene (Psychologist, Ph.D.)

When: Tuesdays from 4-5pm ET

Contact: 770-486-4887 (ask for Dr. Greene)


Location: 302 Stevens Entry, Peachtree City, GA 30269

Creating a Space

In the quiet corners of strength and vulnerability, a circle of women gathers, each bearing a story etched with the weight of a shared journey. This special space is a "Life After Diagnosis" support group for breast cancer patients, where fears, uncertainties, and the dance of emotions find understanding and solace.

The Diagnosis Dilemma

The moment a woman hears the words, "You have breast cancer," an uncharted journey begins to unfold before her. It's a place where fear, uncertainty, and anxiety intertwine, casting shadows on the familiar landscape of life. In the company of those who have walked similar paths, we're creating a safe space to learn to deal with these emotions and begin to weave your tapestry of resilience.

Within the support group, attendees will tackle the common fears of the unknown, the prospect of altered femininity, and the seismic shift in life's trajectory with open hearts. In this safety of these shared experiences, we will find that we are not alone in our journeys.

Coping Skills for a New Chapter

Stepping into a Life After Diagnosis support group is a courageous choice—one that signals a willingness to embrace healing and transformation. The group will serve as both a sounding board and a reservoir of strength, and the environment will be one of unconditional acceptance, where tears and laughter are equally revered.  Our support group will delicately navigate through a curriculum of coping skills tailored for the challenges of life post-diagnosis. We will gently guiding group members through the common emotional highs and lows, learning to face fears head-on.

What to Expect

Sessions will often begin with gentle introductions, allowing each woman to share her fears, hopes, and uncertainties. As the journey unfolds, the group becomes a space for celebrating victories, however small, and a refuge for weathering setbacks. Here, women will discover the power of shared wisdom, picking up coping mechanisms that range from mindfulness techniques to journaling. Ultimately, we will provide everyone with tools to navigate new emotions and situations.

The atmosphere is non-judgmental, fostering trust and vulnerability. In fact, bonds formed in this time of adversity often prove to be some of the strongest. The support group will typically transcend its role as a coping mechanism. Usually, the group becomes a lifeline, connecting women with an unspoken understanding that only those who have faced similar battles can comprehend.

Join Us

Ultimately, we hope that you consider being a part of our coping group and join us starting Tuesday, Jan 16 for our first of 8 weekly sessions. Each will be held from 4-5pm ET at The Life Change Group offices. For more details and to secure your spot, reach out to Dr. Danyella Greene (email: or call 770-486-4887.