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Easing fears about testing

Easing fears about testing is a paramount concern at The Life Change Group. We try to make every child feel as comfortable as possible during the entire process because just the phrase “psychological testing” or “educational testing” seems to summon up a fear of the unknown. We have our own dedicated room just for testing, and we keep it stocked with small desk toys that help keep even the most fidgety children stay on task. This makes kids feel more at ease and safer to open up and do their best.

Still, there are a few things that Mom/Dad/Guardian can do in order to make the process even more comfortable:

Parents can leave

You do not need to stay during the actual testing period. While we have a super comfortable waiting room, you are encouraged to leave during the actual testing; it could last up to three hours in some cases, and we’ve found that if the child knows you’ll be back only at the end, then there aren’t as many issues usually. Plus, we’ll just ask for your contact info in case there is an immediate question, so you’re never more than a call away.

Review the agenda

Before you leave the office and we start the testing process, we encourage you to ask for a quick overview of the day so that your child can hear the agenda and be reminded of what to expect. Even if you already have read and understand what’s going to happen, we still suggest that you ask us to review the day in front of your child. We’ve seen that this really helps to ensure that we’re all on the same page and that we’ve agreed to do this together.

There is no pass/fail

One of the biggest misconceptions and fears is that your student won’t do well on the test. This is not true because there is no pass or fail. While the test will be scored, the goal is simply for your child to do his or her best. There are no wrong answers because the results are scored on a continuum. Some students excel at certain parts of the testing but have more difficulty with other parts. That’s totally fine and expected. The important thing is that you remind your student of this fact and put them at ease…there is no pass/fail.

Are there any breaks?

Yes, we will be taking breaks as often as needed. Students are also welcome to bring a snack. Dr. Wright and our testing staff are well-trained to spot a sleepy or tired student, and we will proactively take a break (sometimes just a quick stretch) to help keep students engaged and generate the most accurate results. We also use stickers and behavioral charts to help keep younger student motivated and giving their best effort.

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