You’ve heard the phrase, “perceptions are everything”, but this innovative and quite clever hallway design takes the cake. I absolutely love this picture! My dad, a career teacher, found this posted by an art teacher he worked with years ago. Looks weird, right?

Perceptions don’t always match reality.

The purpose of the hallway painting was to keep students from running in the halls, but the secret behind this hallway painting is a groundbreaking (literally) use of perception. It really worked! Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of paint can change our entire perspective? Seeing can be believing and we often take what we see or perceive as reality. However, sometimes our perceptions of people and situations don’t tell the whole or correct story. And this extends to including our perceptions about ourselves and others.

Positive perceptions lead to positive thoughts.

Having a positive perspective in life is super important; it can make a huge difference. Let me give you an example, if my perspective is clouded by depression, sadness, and/or negative thoughts, my view on life will be the same. So will my mood, my posture and even my outlook. The now infamous TED Talk on posture gives a solid example of how using “super poses” increases confidence that can be translated to success in business and personal life. Again, change your perception and reality can follow in suit.

What color are your glasses?

I often ask clients what color their sunglasses are today: black, rose colored, neutral? We CAN change perceptions by altering our perspectives, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. This is the beauty of the human mind. We have a choice in how and what we think. Does it take time and effort to change our perspective…YES! Is it worth it…DOUBLE YES!

So, if you are having a rough day or difficult moment in life, take a moment. Really take a moment to inhale and exhale. Is your perception real? Or do you simply need to change your glasses? Perceptions are everything…(and don’t run in the hall.)