Amor Kok Appears on the Cover of Fayette Woman Magazine

Amor Kok, therapist and counselor with The Life Change Group

Dr. Amor Kok, LPC

One of The Life Change Group’s newest counselors, Dr. Amor Kok, was recently featured on the cover of Fayette Woman magazine. The cover story described Amor’s life and work beginning with the journey from her native Zimbabwe, being honored as Georgia’s Economics Teacher of the Year in 1998, and eventually retiring as the exceptional children’s counselor at the Fayette County Board of Education. Amor recently joined The Life Change Group as a licensed professional counselor and therapist specializing in adolescent issues, students with ADHD, self-esteem and immigrant Issues.

With a depth of experience, Amor helps individuals, couples and families work through a variety of issues. But it is with adolescents and immigrants where she truly shines. The Fayette Woman story does a wonderful job of detailing Amor’s upbringing, family and a tribal war that led her family to Peachtree City. It also tells several stories about how Amor has worked with students and their families to adjust to middle school and high school, as well as how to deal with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that comes with adolescence in general.

Helping Adolescents

“It is an exciting time every child’s life” says Amor. “It’s filled with all kinds of opportunities, uncertainty and new possibilities — all amplified by social pressures, technology and the need to be accepted. Sometimes just taking that first step is the hardest thing to do. And I understand that from my background. I can relate to that feeling on so many levels, and that’s what I’ve tried to do throughout my career. Sharing my successes and failures helps others.”

Helping Students

With Fayette County’s exceptional population, Amor had perhaps her biggest impact. Her students had an 11% higher graduation rate, and many continue to stay in touch with her even decades after graduating. As the article mentions, “As exceptional children’s counselor through the school system, she would help students with academic, personal or social issues. Some would eat lunch in her office. During one-on-one sessions, she would encourage them to focus on their strengths, rather than lingering on their weaknesses. And she would always, always follow up. One student still sends her Christmas cards.”

What’s Next for Amor?

As her new chapter with The Life Change Group begins, Amor says that she will still continue to work with local organizations such as AV Pride, Fayette Factor, Southside Support Group and Exceptional Ops. “We’re obviously very excited to have Amor as a part of our practice,” said Dr. Pam Wright, founder and owner of The Life Change Group. “She lights up the room as soon as she walks in, she connects with students and families and has a real passion for helping people overcome their challenges.”

For more information about Dr. Amor Kok, please give us a call at 770-486-4887. She is also working with Sonya Tucker and staring a new group focused on “Making Connections” this Fall. You can also find more information on that group in this post.