Making Better Connections

The Life Change Group is starting a new small group called “Making Connections”. It will provide tips and guidance for students to make better connections with friends and families, especially as they transition into High School. Former Fayette County educators and recent additions to The Life Change Group team of therapists, Dr. Amor Kok and Sonya Tucker, will lead the group. It will meet on Wednesdays from 5-6pm and run approximately eight weeks. Both Amor and Sonya are excited to begin this journey because they both saw type of a need while serving in Fayette County schools.

Dr. Amor Kok and Sonya Tucker lead a new group called "Making Connections"

“One of the hardest things that teens have to figure out is how to choose the right peer group,” said Sonya. “It can make a really big difference in their entire school experience and shape who they ultimately become. But that first step of taking a chance and reaching out – making that first connection – that’s often the biggest step. Amor and I want to help students feel more empowered and confident about how to find the right friends and strengthen their existing support systems.”

According to a recent research study by The University of Florida, “children who lack friends can suffer from emotional and mental difficulties later in life. Friendships provide children with more than just fun playmates. Friendships help children develop emotionally and morally. In interacting with friends, children learn many social skills, such as how to communicate, cooperate, and solve problems.”

So who is this group right for? Some of our initial group members have difficulties:

  • Knowing how to make friends
  • What’s appropriate to talk about with new friends
  • If you’re struggling with schoolwork, how do you approach the teacher
  • Figuring out what do you do at lunchtime
  • Knowing what is a socially acceptable personal space
  • Dealing with bullying

These are all situations that we’ve either dealt with ourselves or heard about from other parents and caregivers. We understand the importance of making connections, and this group will provide some of the building blocks to getting started.

Registration Details

The group will meet at The Life Change Group offices located at 302 Stevens Entry in Peachtree City. Each session costs $65 and is designed for students, 8th-12th grade. The group will meet for one hours and provide time to discuss and recap the session with parents and caregivers. “Making Connections” will meet for eight weeks starting on September 27th.

To register for the group, please email either Dr. Amor ( or Sonya (, or call The Life Change Group offices at 770-486-4887.