How Psychological Testing Works


The Life Change Group offers a variety of psychological testing and assessments in the South Atlanta area. We specialize in a wide variety of psycho-educational, educational, bariatric, ADHD, behavioral, psychological, and intelligence testing. Dr. Pamela Wright leads and supervises the testing practice. She is a Georgia-licensed psychologist and guides our team in administering and evaluating clients from age six through adult on the most widely recommended tests used to determine the best course of action for individuals. Whether you are seeking psychological testing for ADHD, general testing to apply for accommodations or simply to assess a potential learning disability, the testing team at The Life Change Group are the specialists to meet your psychological and educational testing needs.

In the following pages, we explain the reasons for psychological testing and the differences among the various batteries of tests. We also provide a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for what to expect throughout the testing process.

Testing Basics

Do you ever feel your child is falling behind when learning new material? Are they unorganized and forgetful about turning in assignments to the teacher? Do they have difficulty in areas like reading or math or do they ever reverse letters or words when writing or reading?  Do they make careless errors in math when not focusing on the sign (i.e. plus or minus)?  Does your child seem to take a long time to understand new material and feel “slow” compared to other students? Psychological (also called “Psycho-educational”) testing is designed to resolve the issues these questions may suggest. For any parents or caregivers who have ever wondered why their son or daughter is struggling with certain subjects or not learning at the same speed as other students, a psycho-educational test is a wise first step.

Testing Goals

The goal of testing is never to label your child, but rather to determine his or her current status and the best way to facilitate further development.  Our goal is to determine how your child learns best in order to understand his/her present pattern of strengths and weaknesses so he or she can capitalize on their strengths and minimize any interferences with their behavioral and academic performance. Furthermore, assessments are utilized to understand if there are behavioral strategies which can be implemented to assist the student at school.

All children learn at different speeds, so the fact that a child has trouble keeping up with the rest of the class is not always an indicator or how intelligent a child is and may not in any way reflect his or her future learning ability. We can assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and then develop an easy-to-follow and comprehensive action plan that you can use as accommodations or recommendations for help.  Further, you are able to share these results with physicians, teachers, or other educational instructors as needed.

Our psychological testing batteries are designed to assemble patterns of strengths and weaknesses across several domains, isolate the important components, and then explain the results in a way that makes sense…and in ways that you can use.

ADHD Testing

Whether you are an adult or a child aged six and up, we provide ADHD testing for those who are having difficulty with attention and focus. Difficulty with organization and remembering information are also areas of concern.  Our tests consist of both objective and subjective measures to ensure an accurate diagnosis.  It’s important to note that there is no ADD diagnosis anymore.  Clients may be determined to meet the criteria of ADHD—primarily inattentive, primarily hyperactive/impulsive, or combined type (meaning they meet criteria for both).