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At The Life Change Group, we have four main services and a variety of support and topic-specific coping groups that run at different times throughout the year. Please click on the images or links below to get more information about all of our services and offerings.

Family Therapy

Communication is almost always at the root of family discourse, and every family is different. Our therapists and counselors more than 15 years of family therapy experience and has helped countless families to re-establish effective, open and honest communication.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is one of our fastest growing services. Find out what options might be right for you and your partner's relationship and how to better balance your life changes together.

Individual Therapy

We believe that the best therapy comes from within each person and should be filled with positive feedback and honest communication.

Psychological & Educational Testing

Dr. Pamela Wright, a Georgia-licensed psychologist, has more than 10 years experience leading and supervising the testing practice at The Life Change Group. We specialize in a wide variety of psycho-educational, bariatric, ADHD, behavioral, psychological, adoption, autism spectrum, and intelligence testing.

Coping Group: After Diagnosis

If you’re currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, you’re not alone. Find strength within a caring community by joining the 8-week Life After Diagnosis group. Groups will be starting soon, so click this image or contact Dr. Danyella Greene for more details at 770-486-4887.

Recovery Group: After Trauma

We have a trauma recovery series for adults impacted by physical, sexual or emotional trauma. Groups will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Click this image or contact Dr. Shrees Bawani for more details at 770-486-4887.

Dr. Pam Wright

Psychologist (Ph.D.)

Dr. Danyella Greene

Psychologist (Ph.D.)

Candice Aaron is currently pursuing her Master's of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling at Georgia State University. Her professional background includes providing support to individuals, couples, and families. She has significant experience in assisting individuals with disabilities and their families.
Candice Aaron

Counseling Intern

Dr. Shrees Bawani

Postdoc Psychologist (Psy.D.)

Alexis Garcia is pursuing her Master's of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling at Georgia State University. She works with individuals, couples, and families.
Alexis Garcia

Counseling Intern