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There are several psychologists and professional counselors in the local area, but very few if any also provide educational and psychological testing and reporting. This sets The Life Change Group apart. Dr. Pamela Wright is trained to provide a wide range of APA-approved tests, including th

e TOVA, WAIS, BASC, MMPI, IQ and many more. Most testing begins with an initial background meeting with Dr. Wright so that she can more fully understand the reasons for testing, examine previous test results and ratify the goals for the current battery of tests.

Actual testing sessions typically last a few hours, but some more complex batteries of tests can take two or three days to complete. Depending on the age and ability of the client, Dr. Wright will break up the sessions into manageable periods. Testing is done in the mornings between 9-12pm. After the testing is complete, Dr. Wright will score them and personally evaluate all the results, conclusions and next steps. She will compile a top-line briefing and a set of actionable recommendations for next steps. Upon payment, clients can obtain a hard copy of the report, evaluation and recommendations.

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At the Life Change Group we strive to help you create balance, growth and fulfillment. Our team of therapists, counselors and licensed psychologists offer a wide range of psychological testing and individual, couples and family counseling.

Our specialty areas include: depression, anxiety, couples and family therapy, disordered eating, substance abuse, educational testing, learning disabilities, ADHD, play therapy, rehabilitation counseling, and other mental disorders. We serve individuals aged 6 and up and strive to meet your needs or to send you in the right direction.

Please email us or call 770-486-4887 to schedule an appointment.